Wildfire Rescue!


You are a group of park rangers. A wildfire broke out and there are several groups of people camping. Your job is to rescue as many campers as possible before the whole forest is set ablaze.


  • Rules
  • 25 Tiles
    • Wild Animals (8 Tiles)
    • Trees (8 Tiles)
    • Rocky Areas (8 Tiles)
    • Wildfire (1 Tile)
  • 8 Tool Cards
    • Axe (2 Cards)
    • Pickaxe (2 Cards)
    • Bow and Arrow (2 Cards)
    • Fire Extinguisher (2 Cards)
  • 1 Event Die
    • Wildfire! (D6: 1, 2, 3)
    • Wildfire Rescue! (D6: 4)
    • Nothing! (D6: 5, 6)
  • 35 Tokens
    • Player (4 Tokens)
    • Wildfire (16 Tokens)
    • Wildfire/Hazard (8 Tokens)
    • Camper (6 Tokens)

▼ Changelog

v.1.0 Released December 24, 2018

  • Game name has been updated.
  • Main goal is no longer survival, but saving campers and survival of the players.
  • Event cards have been replaced with an event die.
  • Removed camp site and car tiles.
  • Added one more tree, wild animal, and rocky area tile. (25 total tiles)
  • Removed tool tokens.
  • Added camper tokens.
  • Rocky areas now burn, but take twice as long.
  • Players can take a tool four times per game instead of two.
  • End game scoring has been changed to focus primarily on camper rescue, followed by player survival.
  • Starting locations are now fixed.
  • Camper tokens have specific set up locations.
  • Tokens and tiles are now double sided.

v.0.7 Released December 3, 2018

  • Rules have been clarified in regards to event and tool cards setup and discarding.
  • You cannot put more than 2 similar tiles beside each other.
  • Clarified rules in regards to needing both the fire extinguisher and the appropriate tool when entering a tile with a fire token on it.
  • Reversed scoring to put All Players Survive at top of list to better clarify what happens if no one dies in the wildfire.

v.0.6 Released November 29, 2018

  • Fixed the issue where the player tokens had a different colour on their front and back.
  • Included a few setup rules based off of feedback given by people.

v.0.5 Released November 28, 2018

  • Released to the public.