LOSS! in Space


This is simple competitive sci-fi game for 1-4 players. You're trying to escape your home planet and get to a new planet. It's a fast paced game, where the tables can turn any minute. You can help or sabotage another player, outfit your ship with the best ship parts you can, enhance the performance your shield or weapons or engine with performance enhancers. Play with the included events expansion to add some variety to your game.

The solar system is dying. The twin suns are imploding and the resulting vacuum is sucking all planets towards them which will eradicate all life. There are four inhabited planets in your solar system, all at odds with one another. Thankfully you found a habitable planet 14 parsecs away that will allow your race to thrive once more. Unfortunately, the rest of the planets in the solar system have discovered this new home world as well. This new world will only allow one race to live there in peace. It’s your duty with your intrepid crew to bring several hundred pioneers, frozen in stasis, to this new home world to restart your civilization. It’s the ultimate race with only one surviving species.


  • Rules
  • 176 Cards
    • Parsec Scoring Cards (4 Cards)
    • Ships (8 Cards)
    • Obstacle Deck (80 Cards)
    • Obstacle Deck - Event Expansion (7 Cards)
    • Resource Deck (80 Cards)
    • Solo Hyperspace Drive Card
  • 5 Dice
    • Player Scoring Die (x4)
    • Standard Game Die

▼ Changelog

v.1.2.1 Released May 15, 2021

  • Certain cards that require rolling dice have now been marked with an icon.
  • Icon for rolling the die has been explained in the rulebook (Preparation Phase).

v.1.2 Released May 6, 2021

  • Removed the "Wormhole" event card.
  • Updated Card Text on all cards to help differentiate between mandatory text and flavour text.
  • "Your Brakes Break" is now "Collision Course" and gives you 1 parsec to help offset losing 2 turns.
  • Added "Hyperspace Drive" card for solo mode.
  • Solo rules have been updated.

v.1.1.1 Released August 6, 2020

  • Added a "2+" icon to the "Hyperspace Jump" resource cards, the "Wormhole" event card, and the "Barna-Bus" and "Recycling Station" ship cards.
  • Updated Card Text:
    • "Low Morale in Space" - You face the ill effects if you have any parts disabled.
    • "Space Net" - Expanded saying you can't add performance enhancers on disabled parts until they're enabled.
    • "Go Into Warp" - Clarified that if you fail to warp, you face the sabotage. The success and failure results were flipped (1,6 fails, 2-5 succeeds) to keep consistent with sabotage rolls.
    • "Fuel Leak" - You gain a resource if you overcome the obstacle, and only lose 1 crew if you fail it.
    • "Merchant" - Reworded "face-down resource" to "resource card (not from the discards)." to tie it better to solo mode.
    • "Derelict Ship" - Added some flavour text.
    • "Interstellar Librarians" - Clarified that any part with a total added bonus of 4 or more is discarded.
    • "Asteroid Belt" - Rephrased from "if you're not well enough equipped" to "If you can't defeat it".
    • "Scavenge" (junkyard) - Rephrased mandatory text slightly.
    • "Bounty Hunter" - Speed was decreased to 6, and you only get 1 parsec no matter how you defeat them.
    • "Love Machine" - Can't be traded to another player, but can be discarded to help get another card.
    • "Sudden Decompression" - Reworded to clarify the action. Ill Effect added to card.
    • "Intergalactic Slavers" - Reworded it to say you liberated the slaves and one chooses to work for you.
    • "El Spacedorado" - Reworded to make sure players know that they draw resource cards.
  • Updated cards that specify specific parts by a die roll to be: "1,2 - Shield", "3,4 - Weapon", and "5,6 - Engine" to make it simpler for people to know what they lost or had disabled.
  • All mandatory or important card text is now bold.
  • All flavour text is now italicized.
  • Resource cards now have a more unique front (burnt orange) to keep them from being confused with obstacle cards.
  • Updated Preparation Stage Rules to be a public drafting phase.
  • Removed previous solo rules.
  • Added new solo rules in its own rulebook.
  • Pages were reorganized to make room for more visual examples.
  • Setup is now in point form rather than a paragraph.
  • Clarified that unless specified, you don't draw from the discards.

v.1.1 Released November 5, 2019

  • All cards now are poker sized (2.5"x3.5").
  • Reworded some cards to fit the new space better or to clarify issues players were having.
  • Updated rulebook
    • Updated card graphics.
    • Counter tokens are yellow cubes in the retail version
    • Reworded rulebook to make it easier to read. No new rules were added.
  • Box art is no longer included in PnP package.

v.1.0 Released October 30, 2018

  • Added counter tokens to game. These keep track of ship abilities, lost turns, and performance enhancers.
  • Updated rulebook
    • Included rules about counter tokens.
    • Included placement for counter tokens.
    • Updated sabotage rules. The previous rule stated, "To use a sabotage card, play it on the target's turn during any phase, before the target takes their rewards." The new rule states, "You can sabotage any player at any time. However, you have 10 seconds after the current obstacle has been revealed to all players in order to sabotage that player for their current obstacle. Rewards cannot be taken before then." This rule makes it fair for both the current player and the other player(s) giving them a finite amount of time for sabotage(s) to be played.
  • Updated box art to include counter tokens.
  • Updated Cards
    • "Ship Wrecked Engineer" (Obstacle) - Clarified the "part" needs to be a "ship part (shield, weapon, or engine)".
    • "El Spacedorado" (Obstacle) - Changed obstacle rewards from "Up to 5 Resources" to "Up to Max Resources".

v.0.6 Released October 9, 2018

  • Added box art and cutout to Print and Play.
  • Updated Cards:
    • "Space Squid" (Obstacle) - Rephrased to fix a grammar issue.
    • "Fuel Leak" (Obstacle) - Removed 0 Parsecs from Rewards and reworded the text to make more sense.
    • "Asleep at the Wheel" (Obstacle) - Changed Ill Effects from "-1 Parsecs" to "-1 Parsec".
    • "Transporter Malfunction" (Obstacle) - Fixed spelling on "re-materialize".
    • "Monkey Wrench" (Obstacle) - Fixed spelling on "primitive".
    • "Planet Eating Planet" (Obstacle) - Put "of your" and "choice" on the same line in the ill effects.
    • "Cyborg Leprechaun" (Obstacle) - Fixed spelling on "leprechaun".
    • "The Space Blob" (Obstacle) - Fixed spelling on "indestructible".
    • "Linguine Noodle Monster" (Obstacle) - Fixed spelling on "Alfredo" and "Linguine".
    • "Space Fuzzies" (Obstacle) - Changed "no parsecs" to "no parsec" as you only would gain 1 parsec, not multiple.
    • "Distress Beacon" (Obstacle) - Reworded flavour text to clearly state they lose a parsec while gaining 2 resources.
    • "Falling Star" (Obstacle) - Fixed spelling on "accidentally".
    • "El Spacedorado" (Obstacle) - Rephrased card to read better and to be more adaptable to future expansions.
    • "Crewman Number 517" (Anti-Sabotage) - Added "Lose 1 Crew" into ill effects of card.
    • "Caffeine Drive" (Engine) - Fixed spelling on "insomnia".
    • "FSB Drive" (Engine) - Removed "Lost in Space" as a potential added bonus, and added in "Black Hole" instead.
    • "MacGyver It" (Performance Enhancer) - Removed last endquote and changed card name to "McGuyver It".
    • "Medic" (Performance Enhancer) - Added text to clarify use after a "Bounty Hunter" sabotage card.
    • "Ultimadium Infused Skeleton" (Performance Enhancer) - Added text to clarify use after a "Bounty Hunter" sabotage card.
    • "Open Source Part" (Multi-Part) - Updated image to avoid any copyright issues. Used to be the official open source logo.
    • "Sudden Decompression" (Sabotage) - Fixed spelling on "saboteur's".
    • "Inertial Dampeners Bust" (Sabotage) - Fixed spelling on "successful".
    • "Cattle Prod" (Weapon) - Reworded card to state "any enemy animal" instead of specifying certain types of animals. This is to accommodate any future expansions.
    • "Aluminum Eagle" (Ship) - Rephrased "1+ resource" to "+1 resource" to keep continuity with the text in the card.
  • Updated rulebook
    • A common method has been implemented when referencing specific cards. Double quotes are no longer used, but rather the card name is in bold.
    • "Defense", "Attack", and "Speed" have all been highlighted in their appropriate colour codes: blue, red, and green respectively.
    • Updated card legends in rule book - numbers, backgrounds, and in some cases, order that things appear in.
    • Clarified "Equipping Phase" by stating that parts can be added to already occupied slots by using cards such as "Welding Torch".
    • Clarified that when a player dies, any resource becomes fair play for players behind them. Previously the rules stated that players with fewer parsecs could take any "part" they wanted.
    • Fixed spelling in "Obstacles" description. "The obstacle card is then placed in the discard pile after being dealt with." - "dealt with" was previously "dealth with".
    • Updated performance enhancer rules explaining sabotage usage.
    • Updated performance enhancer rules clarifying use of space dock cards.
    • Updated sabotage rules to expand on some performance enhancers being used as sabotages.
    • Clarified event rules concerning players who are currently missing a turn.
    • Removed extra period from web address at back of rule book.
    • Added "Special Thanks" to back page.
    • Added ship graphics to back page.

v.0.5 Released September 29, 2018

  • New card backs have been added to help differentiate between Obstacles and Resources - drawn in he theme of the card illustrations.
  • Updated text on following cards:
    • It Came From Inner Space (Obstacle)
    • Space Merchant (Obstacle)
    • Great Wall of Space (Obstacle)
    • Thermostat Too High (Obstacle)
    • Lack of Funding (Obstacle)
    • Scavenge (Obstacle)
    • Scavenge (Obstacle)
    • Inertial Dampeners Bust (Sabotage)
    • FSB Drive (Engine)
  • "FSB Drive" no longer has "Motherships" as potential obstacle for additional bonus as it doesn't have a speed threat. "Lost in Space" has been added as the third speed bonus card.
  • "Scavenge" card with the space vulture had a colour issue that's been corrected on the word "Obstacle"
  • Both "Scavenge" cards now have corrected spelling ("Scavenge" instead of "Scavange").

v.0.4.1 Released September 21, 2018

  • Rephrased "Space Farmer" and "Sold Your First Painting" to read better.
  • Created a light theme for the cards to save on toner when printing on a personal printer.

v.0.4 Released September 16, 2018

  • Rephrased wording on several cards to better communicate what the card actually meant.
  • Added stars back into 55 illustrations that were missing them.
  • Balanced the quantity of part cards:
    • Changed engine part cards from 16 to 12.
    • Changed shield part cards from 10 to 12.
    • Changed weapon part cards from 10 to 12.
  • Balanced bonuses of part cards so each part type has the following:
    • 5 Bonus: 1 card
    • 4 Bonus: 2 cards
    • 3 Bonus: 3 cards
    • 2 Bonus: 3 cards
    • 1 Bonus: 3 cards (Engine has two 1 Bonus cards and the "Probability Drive" as that one is determined each turn by a die roll which could end up being as low as 1)
  • Added in "Events", a new type of obstacle. This can affect more than the player who turned it over. These cards are colour coded red to differentiate them from standard obstacles. They are included, but as an advanced play mechanism. See rules for details.
  • Rulebook updated to correct any miscommunication about existing rules.
  • Rulebook updated with "Event" game play rules. See "Advanced Play" in rulebook.
  • Total Number of Cards:
    • Obstacles (Standard): 80
    • Obstacles (Events): 8
    • Resources: 80
  • Complete List of Added Cards:
    • Weapons
      • Cattle Prod
      • Sticks and Stones
    • Shields
      • Bubble Wrap
      • Baby on Board Sticker
    • Performance Enhancers
      • Space Farmer
      • Sold Your First Painting
      • Hyperspace Jump
      • Hyperspace Jump
      • Space Dock
      • Hyperspace Vector to Space Dock
      • Hyperspace Vector to Space Dock
    • Event Cards
      • Alien Onslaught
      • Intergalacticomicon
      • Spilled Space Truck
      • Leftover Minefield
      • Wormhole
      • Supernova
      • Geomagnetic Storm
      • Intergalactic Slavers
  • Complete List of Removed Cards:
    • Engines
      • FTL Drive
      • Energized Rabbit
      • Slipstream Drive
      • Twin Ion Engine

v.0.3 Released September 7, 2018

  • Released to the public.

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