Deliveries on Track


Trains are the pinnacle of transportation across the country. You’ve started your own train line and your job is to take your locomotive and make deliveries to the towns in need of what you're bringing them. The government's promised a juicy grant to help the most promising railroad build up their line in the country. It's not going to be an easy trip with robbers lying in wait, couplings coming loose, and other locomotives trying to ensure they get the government grant to build their rail line.

Collect Cargo

Make Deliveries

Upgrade Your Locomotive

Steal and Protect

Gain End Game Bonuses


  • Rulebook
  • 100 Cards
    • 4 Reference Cards
    • 4 Locomotive Cards
    • 44 Cargo Cards
    • 24 Delivery Cards
    • 24 Caboose Cards (End Game Goals)

▼ Changelog


  • Intro text changed slightly to be a little more thematic.
  • Added step in setup to have each player take a Locomotive card with the "Basic Locomotive" side face-up. This was updated under the illustration as well.
  • Re-wrote "Draw Cards" text in the "Actions" section.
  • "Full Steam Ahead" has been updated to remove "And So On..." to instead say "3+ Deliveries Behind - 3 Fewer Cargo" as you MUST pay 1 cargo, and if you are 4 deliveries behind, you cannot pay 4 less cargo (you'd pay 3 less).
  • In "Advanced Mode", "Get Cards from the Shop" has been replaced with "New Action Choice" to highlight that it takes the place of your action.
  • "Cargo Cards" now has an explination on what the icons mean.
  • "Caboose Cards" now explains that the bonuses on the cards are for additional deliveries (Standard or Mixed) or additional points (Advanced).
  • Caboose Cards now read "Standard" instead of "Basic Mode" to keep consistent with the rule book.
  • "Deliver 3 or more cargo of each type" now scores 1 bonus delivery instead of 2 in Standard Mode.
  • Reference Card has been updated to help clarify "Get Cards" action choice.
  • Reference Card has been updated to remove "And So On..." in "Full Steam Ahead" to instead say "3+ Deliveries Behind - 3 Fewer Cargo" as you MUST pay 1 cargo, and if you are 4 deliveries behind, you cannot pay 4 less cargo (you'd pay 3 less).
  • 4-Cargo delivery cards that stated "Take 1 Face Down Cargo Card" now state "Take Any 1 Face Up Discard".
  • Locomotive cards now have "Hand Limits" written on bottom of card to help clarify that the numbers on the card are your hand limits.


  • Added in note on "Winning" and "Caboose Cards" that ties are friendly. If you have the caboose card for the most deliveries, and you and another player are tied for the most, you still complete your caboose card.
  • Added note in "Single Player" that you still draw the cards after your turn if you win to see if the rival train line still gets 1 last train.


  • End game goals called "Caboose Cards" have been added to the game. Each player can gather as many as they'd like, but can only play 2 at the end of the game for scoring. These can be played in any mode of the game.
  • "Get Cargo", "Get Deliveries", and the new "Get Caboose Cards" have been combined as an action titled "Get Cards". You can only draw cards from 1 of the 3 decks or their discard piles, never in combination. They were combined since the drawing action for each deck are similar enough to each other.
  • "Full Steam Ahead" has been reworked to allow players to pay 1 less cargo per delivery they're behind. This means players can now use "Full Steam Ahead" when they're only 1 delivery behind.
  • Players can pick up any discard on their turn for the cost of discarding 1 card of the same type from their hand (ie. pick up the cargo discard and discard a cargo card from your hand).
  • There always has to be at least 1 card in each discard pile.
  • Special cargo cards cannot be placed on top of the discard pile. It must be covered by another card.
  • "Winning" is now placed in a more logical place in the rule book. Ties are now included as well.
  • Scoring for single player now includes drawing 3 Caboose cards for the rival train line and applying up to 2 completed ones to increase their score.
  • After a player completes their last turn (at least 5 deliveries), players can either make deliveries or get more Caboose cards.
  • Any combination of cards (cargo, delivery, or caboose) can be discarded to upgrade your locomotive or refresh the shop in Advanced mode.
  • Refreshing the shop and upgrading your locomotive now only cost 3 cards.
  • Tie breakers have been added to each mode.
  • "Desert" has been renamed to "Plains".
  • Added more images to help illustrate examples.
  • Caboose Cards (end game goals) introduced.
  • Deliveries with "1 Action" listed as the Advanced bonus now state "Take 1 Face Down Delivery Card" instead.
  • Deliveries with "1 Cargo" or "2 Cargo" listed as the Advanced bonus now state "Take 1/2 Face Down Delivery Card(s)" instead.
  • Wild cargo cards no longer have remnants of the other cargo icons in the centre of the card.
  • Updated reference cards to match action re-wording in rulebook.


  • Single player mode added.
  • "Full Steam Ahead" catch-up mechanic has been added to the game. It is far simpler than "Trailing Cargo".
  • "Trailing Cargo" has been removed from the game.
  • Several rules were re-worded to help clear up any issues.
  • Reference cards added to the game covering actions, "Full Steam Ahead", icons, and single player difficulties.


  • Rulebook completely re-written to help clarify specific gameplay mechanics.
  • Advanced mode now scores with points rather than deliveries.
  • A catch-up mechanic has been added to the game called "Trailed Cargo" allowing the last player to place 1 cargo card down on their train for use in any future deliveries.
  • Completed deliveries are now placed behind your locomotive rather than placing cargo cards there when making a delivery.
  • Mixed mode has been clarified to better explain how the two modes integrate with each other.
  • You can now refresh the shop by discarding 4 cargo cards.
  • Gold has been removed from the game; to upgrade your locomotive you discard any 4 cargo cards.

  • Delivery cards have been redesigned to show a flat-bed train car with crates showing the appropriate cargo on them.
  • Delivery cards now have point values assigned to them.
  • Delivery cards have been rebalanced to allow for an even amount of backgrounds in both 3 and 4 cargo deliveries, as well as for point distribution.
  • Delivery cards now have the word 'Delivery' on the side card to help differentiate them from cargo when fanned out in your hand.
  • Specific cargo is in higher demand from specific locations/backgrounds than from other locations: lumber from the forest, coal from the mountains, and livestock from the desert.
  • All cargo icons now have a different shape as well as colour.
  • "Upgrade Locomotive" icon has been updated to reflect discarding 4 cargo cards instead of paying gold.
  • Marshal and Bandit cards now have icons in their upper left hand corner, same as deliveries and main cargo.
  • Gold has been removed from all of the cards.
  • Icon bar on the side of every card has been thickened and spaced out appropriately.
  • Completion bonuses removed for completing a 3-passenger delivery when playing Advanced Mode.


  • Upgraded locomotives side numbers were changed from "14" to their respective numbers.
  • "Bandit", "Marshal" and "Loose Coupler" cargo cards now have a coin value and their own icon for quick reference when fanning cards.
  • Rulebook updated to show these updated cards.


  • 3 passenger delivery cards now have a delivery bonus of 2 actions when completed in "Advanced Play"; there is no bonus for standard play.


  • Bandit cards can only be played on a player's turn as their action.
  • When a player gets a loose coupler card, they lose it to the player choosing rather than discarding it.
  • The "Specific Locations" variation has been removed from the game.
  • The "All the Same" variation has been renamed to "Advanced Play".
  • "Advanced Play" now has a shop where players can trade 2 or 3 cards from their hand to pick 1 from the shop. The ratio switches based on a common element on the cards; 2:1 where the card shares either the same background or the same cargo, 3:1 where each card has a different background or different cargo.
  • "Mix & Match" will still allow both variations to play together. If both variations are being played at the same time, the shop will still be set up as in "Advanced Play", but the players playing the standard game can trade cards at a 1:1 ratio.
  • "Robbers" have been replaced with "Bandits" to match the card.
  • Delivery bonuses have been expanded upon on the "Delivery Cards" page.
  • A note has been added on the "Special Cargo" spread noting that special cargo cannot be picked up from the discard pile.
  • In "Setup", the number of each special cargo has been listed.
  • Players can now pick up either 2 face down deliveries and choose at least 1, or pick up the top card from the discard pile which they need to keep.

  • Backgrounds have been redrawn/reworked to simplify the designs.
  • Icons have been simplified and now have a white outline to help them to pop off the card.
  • Cards have been reworked to make sure the cargo/locomotives are standing out rather being lost in the background.
  • Each card now has a background icon located under the list of icons on the sides of the cards for quick reference when fanning cards.
  • "Specific Locations" icons have been removed from the cards.
  • Upgraded locomotives now look very different than the basic locomotives.
  • The layout for the backs of cards have been altered slightly.
  • Wheel hubs on cargo cards have been changed from a dark green to a dark grey.
  • Wild cards now have their own icon on the cargo car and above the value.


  • Added "Passenger" cards into the PnP file which were missing in the previous release.


  • Released as a closed playtesting release.

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