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Buried Treasure: Open Ocean


You've discovered the new world, and now it's time to establish your family name. Unfortunately, your funds are rather low. Now you must go across the open ocean, and find as much treasure as you can before your enemies sink your ship. Attack pirates and sea creatures, discover islands, and even dive into the depths below!

Buried Treasure: Open Ocean transforms the original game Buried Treasure with over 600 components down to a single player mint-sized game, making it more affordable and easier to print off. Gameplay remains mainly the same with some alterations due to the size, but opens the ocean up for eager exploration!


  • Rule Sheet (3.5"x7" - folded down to 1.75"x3.5")
  • 1 Reference Sheet (1.75"x3.5")
  • 3 Double-Sided Player Cards (1 Exploration, 1 Treasure, 1 Stash) (1.75"x3.5")
  • 48 Mini Cards (1.75"x2.5")
    • Shop Deck (16 cards)
    • Island Deck (8 cards)
    • Diving Deck (8 cards)
    • Pirate Deck (8 cards)
    • Creature Deck (8 cards)
  • 3 D6 Dice (16mm)
    • 1 Exploration Die (custom printed)
    • 1 Attack Die (red)
    • 1 Defense Die (blue)
  • 8 Trackers (8mm) (Any Colour)

▼ Changelog

v.0.1 August 2, 2019

  • Released to the public.

July 23, 2019

  • Announced to the public.