The Mall is Under Construction


You're the head of a contracting business competing with other contracting businesses to build the best mall in the Tri-City area. Each of you have been given a contract from a local company who hired you to build the best mall possible. They're also supplying market research which is sure to bring in even more shoppers. Will you build a better mall than the other companies, or will you be left in the dust by your competitors?


  • Rulebook
  • 54 Cards
    • 2 Lobby Cards
    • 2 Reference Cards
    • 1 First Player Card
    • 1 Media Blitz Card
    • 4 Double Sided Public Market Research Cards
    • 44 Mall Cards

▼ Changelog


  • Additional playtesters added to rulebook.


  • Card icons on lobby card have been updated to generic card currency.
  • Reference cards have been updated to include discarding down to 8 cards at the end of your turn.
  • Mall and Market Research card backs have been updated with the appropriate cost value (Mall - 1, Market Research - 2).
  • Market Research cards are worth 2 cards when paying to build cards.
  • "Build Cards" section has been re-written to clarify new Market Research cost value. An illustration has been included as well.
  • There is now a hand limit of 8 cards.


  • Removed "Sporting" illustrations from "Entertainment" and put onto "Clothing". Clothing is available in both "Clothing" and "Sporting" and green fits better with a field.
  • Fixed spelling error on "Player Reference" card.
  • Added "Media Blitz" and "Public Market Research" to "Scoring" card.
  • Lobby cards "Build" has now been replaced with "Cost".
  • Lobby cards now show both Mall and Market Research icons under "Cost".
  • Lobby cards now say "# of Sections/Card" instead of "# of Stores/Card" to help clear up any confusion as to whether or not Market Research sections count as part of the cost to build.
  • Lobby cards now have the updated category names; mainly "Clothing & Sporting" and "Entertainment & Gaming".
  • Adjusted artwork on "Media Blitz" and "First Player" cards to match the new layout of the Public Market Research cards.
  • Fixed vector illustration stitching issues on several cards.
  • Updated cards used in rules.
  • Fixed minor grammar and spelling mistakes throughout.


  • Changed "flip to the correct side" in Setup step 2 on page 2 to "both function in the same way".
  • Reworded "Private Market Research" to convey both what Market Research does and what it represents thematically.


  • All cards now have illustrations on them instead of the standard base colour.
  • All Public Market Research cards now have the new market research background and have 2 points on the bottom.
  • All Public Market Research cards with "Largest Store" now have "Fewest Accessible Stores" instead.
  • "Have 4 or more stores with a size of 2 squares in a row." has been changed to "Have 4 or more stores with an exact size of 2 squares in a row."
  • "Have 6 or fewer stores not connected to a hallway." has been replaced with "Have a single card overlap 2 or more other cards."
  • Created solo and co-op modes of play.
  • Created a new variant called "Contracts".
  • Outlined in "Public Market Research Goals" that you don't draw these cards on your turn, but rather claim them when you meet the criteria.
  • Public Market Research cards now score 2 points at the end of the game.
  • Specified that in order for your mall to score, your lobby card must have at least 1 square on both the outside and inside of the mall.
  • Removed references to "hallways". They were a bigger part of an earlier version and people kept getting confused by the terminology.
  • "Hallways" section has been replaced with "Accessible Stores" which explains what makes a store be able to score in your mall.


  • Updated lobby card to clarify the amount of stores/research per card and the cost to build that card into your mall.
  • The "Early Bird Bonus" card has been renamed to "Media Blitz".
  • Reorganized the order that things are scored to make it easier for players.
  • Added text to show where the interior of the mall is and added additional faded cards to give the illustrations more context.
  • Clarified in the text the cost to build cards rather than just saying "look at the lobby card".
  • In Setup, "take an lobby card" has been corrected to "take a lobby card".
  • Reorganized the order that things are scored to make it easier for players.
  • Added section talking about hallways and how they're created.
  • Added 2 scoring examples.
  • Created a bigger distinction between Private Market Research cards and Public Market Research goals.
  • Removed FAQ section and worked it into the copy throughout the rulebook.
  • Added a breakdown of all of the Private Market Research cards on back cover.


  • Changed "Top Pharmacy" goal card to state "Largest Health & Beauty Store" instead of "Most Accessible Health & Beauty Stores".
  • Fixed typo on "Top Pharmacy" Public Market Research goal.


  • Rules were re-written to simplify the game play.
  • Cards were redesigned to help placement issues.
  • Scoring has been re-implemented to make it easier to calculate your scores.
  • Game is now exclusively 2 player.
  • Stores now score points rather than full cards.
  • Super stores introduced.
  • Private market research goals are now on the cards themselves.
  • Public market research cards re-introduced as tie breakers (no points).
  • First player card introduced.
  • Early Bird Bonus card point value reduced to 2.
  • Cards no longer have point values written on them, and no longer score differently based on their square footage.
  • Building mall card costs have been changed.
  • After building, players can draw 2 mall cards or 1 market research card.
  • If a player doesn't build on their turn, they can choose 2 mall cards or 1 market research cost twice; in any combination (2 mall cards and 1 market research card, 4 mall cards, or 2 market research cards).
  • Hand limit removed.
  • Players can no longer rearrange their malls.
  • Hallway placement rules simplified.
  • Mall cards can overlap.
  • Mall cards can no longer be placed kitty corner, they must be touching at least 1 square on another card.
  • Rulebook redesigned.
  • Booklet version of the rulebook has been included.


  • Rules were re-written to help clarify certain questions.
  • Diagrams were added to rules.
  • When rearranging your mall, you need to have the new card touch at least 1 of the other cards the original card was touching.
  • Points went down from multiples of 5 (5, 10, 15) to multiples of 1 (1, 2, 3) for easier scoring.
  • Order in which elements are scored in was changed.
  • All mall cards score points at the end of the game if all of their stores are accessible to a valid hallway.


  • Market Research cards are now embedded into the mall cards.
  • "Early Bird Bonus" given to first player who completes their mall.
  • Sub-categories added to mall cards.
  • Building mall cards have been simplified.
  • Cards can no longer be angled in a mall.
  • Cost for mall cards have been changed.
  • End game scoring for mall cards has been changed.
  • Scoring has been simplified.


  • Rules released to public.