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Project Icarus Released and on Tabletop Simulator!

Project Icarus http://bit.ly/2OdqkGc

Karl Juhlke - November 15, 2019

Well the day has finally come and Project Icarus is out of active development! This means the game is more or less complete, but an issue or two might pop up that I'll need to fix. You can download it on the game page, or you can play it on Tabletop Simulator! That's right, you can play Project Icarus without having to buy it, or print and play it! This also means that those issues will be updated automatically when you subscribe to the file. Don't forget to check out the music you can play when playing the game as well on TTS.

Check it out and don't forget to leave a comment! Thank you again everyone who helped me along the way. Your help was invaluable to bring the game to where it is today.

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