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Project Icarus Close to Release

Project Icarus

Karl Juhlke - November 13, 2019

You'll notice that Project Icarus got a makeover! While I've been focusing on the game play when making changes, I finally decided that it was time to update the graphic aspect of the game as well. This game got it's humble beginning on Board Game Geek's 24-hour contest. That's a solid chunk of 24 hours rather than 24 design hours. I finished the first version of the game in 7 hours (the most I could have in the 24 hours with my day job and a family), and ended up winning the contest!

The next version of Project Icarus is nearing completion, but we still need to cross a few more t's and dot a few more i's. We're very excited where this game is at and know that it's because of the playtesters who have pushed this game to its limits that helped it get where it is today.

We also have some surprises in regards to the game. We're hoping to have a Tabletop Simulator version of the game and a trailer done within the next week!

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