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LOSS! in Space is Getting in Your (Poker) Face

LOSS! in Space

Karl Juhlke - October 18, 2019

While working on other projects, I've been busy resizing the LOSS! in Space cards from something a little less odd (2.45"x3.95") into something more manageable (2.5"x3.5"). For those of you follow tabletop games (you're on this site, so I'm assuming you do), it goes from a non-standard size to a poker sized card. This means that for those of you print the game off, you can use sleeves to protect your hard work and play with it knowing they're far less likely to bend/break/crease. Or for those of you like me who don't sleeve their cards (I feel the shame coming already), you should be able to fit them in boxes a little more easily.

I'm pretty far along with the resizing. Thankfully since I created the cards using a database, I'm able to make the size changes on one card and then run it through the program and get all 180 cards done. The only issue I thought I would have was with the parsec cards (pictured - left is the original size, right is the new size). For those of you who haven't played the game, the parsec cards are the score cards in the game. As you gain distance in the game, you advance your ship (the die) by 1 or 2 spaces depending on how far you go. Each square was designed to be the exact size of a 16mm die (standard size for those wondering), and sizing the card down to fit the new width meant that I couldn't use 16mm boxes anymore. However, I was able to put it down to 14mm and with the additional spacing between the boxes, the die fits there nicely and doesn't overhang over the other numbers.

The print and play files should be updated in the next few weeks.

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