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Updated Deliveries

Deliveries on Track

Karl Juhlke - October 1, 2019

It's been a very busy weekend for me as I had gone to ProtoTO showcasing Deliveries on Track, Project Icarus, and Buried Treasure. I received pages and pages of feedback and had suggestions on how to improve the game. This update covers a few of the requested changes that should help immerse players into the world and clear up the visual clutter of the old card.

This updated delivery card went from a black translucent bar to a flatbed train car carrying crates of cargo. These cards are now going to be able to be placed behind your locomotive once completed, giving each player a sense of accomplishment as they get closer to their goal. The icons have also been updated with different shapes to give each their own unique look. This way when you look at the side of the card when they're in your hand, there's no doubt which cargo is needed for a delivery and which cargo cards you have. This should also help colour blind players as colours aren't the primary  element for "quick-glance" recognition any more.

Another common bit of feedback was the fact that the cargo cards and delivery cards looked too similar. While they still share the same background, the "side" of the card now shows the location, the word "Delivery" and the items needed in a coloured bar matching the colour of the background. The other side of the card no longer has the same information, but rather the bonus for the delivery if it has one. The ground of the delivery cards doesn't match the background, but rather matches the ground of your locomotive keeping some consistency when placing them down behind your locomotive. The crates should also help differentiate them from the cargo cards as they look quite different and help give the sense that it is a complete delivery.

I'm still tweaking other elements of the game, and will post when the next version of the game is ready to be downloaded!

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