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Deliveries on Track

Deliveries on Track

Karl Juhlke - September 12, 2019

It’s 1889 and trains are the pinnacle of transportation across the country. You’ve started your own train line and your job is to take your locomotive and make deliveries to the towns in need of what you're bringing them. The government’s promised a juicy grant to help the most promising railroad build up their line in the country. It's not going to be an easy trip with robbers lying in wait, couplings coming loose, and other locomotives trying to ensure they get the government grant to build their rail line.

I've been working hard on a new game called Deliveries on Track. In this card game, players make deliveries and the first player to successfully make 5 deliveries wins the game. There are 3 different game modes that can be played at the same time by different players for varying difficulties; this involves the backgrounds of the cards where you can get the cargo you need from anywhere (the standard game), getting cargo from the specific location on the back of the delivery card (All the Same), and getting cargo from specific locations as mentioned on the delivery card (Specific Locations). The benefit to this is that players don't need separate cards for the different difficulties.

I'll be bringing this game to ProtoTO where you can playtest it during sessions 1 and 2 on Saturday the 28th.

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