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Project Icarus Launches!

Project Icarus

Karl Juhlke - July 8, 2019

Not a week after the release of Buried Treasure was released, I entered a new game into another contest. It was conceptualized and created in under 24 hours for a 24 hour game design contest. That's a 24 hour block of time including eating, sleeping, working, etc. So it was DEFINITELY created in less time than that. It's a "completed" game meaning you can play it with all of the components and artwork. It has a LOT of testing to go through and additional revisions as well.

The solar system is erupting into chaos. The dying sun is releasing intense bursts of solar radiation that’s destroying the planets around it, making it an invitation for death for anyone who enters the system. However due to the extreme solar activity, brand new elements are being formed and are worth billions of units. You’re one of a few brave mercenaries trying to make your way through the system gathering as many resources as you can before the sun goes supernova. You’ll find higher valued resources as you get closer to the sun, but it’ll be hard on your shields. Will you get the resources you need to set yourself up for life, or will you fly too close to the sun and be destroyed?

Project Icarus is a 1-4 player game that plays in roughly 15-30 minutes.

We're looking for playtesters for Project Icarus. Links are located on the game page.

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